In Flames

by Petty Vendetta

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    Petty Vendetta - In Flames (2012)
    1 the Agenda
    2 Just After Dawn
    3 Sinful Messiah
    4 Fancy Cars
    5 Fire is Bright
    6 Higher Intelligence
    7 Ich - Gegensatz - Gegen Mich Selb
    8 Invocation
    9 Jonah
    10 Die Forever
    11 Abdicate
    12 Art is Desire
    13 Falling Upright
    14 Psycho Trigger
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released December 25, 2012



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Petty Vendetta


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Track Name: 01-Die Forever
Maryland, Virginia, Caroline
Pent images in sleep
Clay valleys rocky hills old fields of pine
Unspeakable and deep

Out of that source of time my farthest blood
Runs strangely to this day
Unkempt the fathers waste in solitude
Under the hills of clay

Far from their woe fled to its thither side
To a river in Tennessee
In an alien house I will stay
Yet find their breath to be
All that my stars betide-
There some time to abide
Took wife and child with me,

When it is all over and the blood
Runs out, do not bury this man
By the far river (where never stood
His fathers) flowing to the West,
But take him East where life began.
my brothers, there is rest
In the depths of an eastward river
That I can understand; only
Do not think the truth we hold
I hold the slighter for this lonely
Reservation of the heart:
Men cannot live forever
But they must die forever
So take this body at sunset
To the great stream whose pulses start
In the blue hills, and let
These ashes drift from the Long Bridge
Where only a late gull breaks
That deep and populous grave.

By the great river the forefathers to beguile
Them, being inconceivably young, carved out
Deep hollows of memory on a river isle
Now lost-their murmur the ghost of a shout

In the hollows where the forefathers
Without beards, their faces bright and long,
Lay down at sunset by the cool river
In the tall willows amid birdsong;

And the long sleep by the cool river
They've slept full and long, till now the air
Waits twilit for their echo; the burning shiver
Of August strikes like a hawk the crouching hare.
Track Name: 02-Invocation
When all are assembled the gong is sounded and the celebrant, with the deacon and subdeacon preceding him, enters and approaches the altar.

The celebrant and those who are to assist him, in the case of this ritual a boy child and a girl child [...] approach the tabernacle.

They halt somewhat short of the altar, the deacon placing himself at the celebrant's left, the subdeacon at his right.

The priest [...] may well make a brief initial penetration of the altar at this point, as suggested by the formula here given. [...]

The black priest shows the wine and the wafer [...].

He then censes the altar and all upon the table the altar rests upon.

The three make a profound bow before the altar and commence the ritual with the following verses and responses.

During a series of versicles and responses he involves the congregation in the rite [...].

The chalice and paten, on which rests the wafer of turnip or coarse black bread, are uncovered by the celebrant.

The chalice and paten, upon which rests the wafer, are uncovered by the Celebrant.

He takes the paten into both hands, and raises it to about breast level in an attitude of offering, and recites the offertory words.

He takes the paten in both hands and raises it breast-high in an attitude of offering, then speaks the following words:

Replacing the paten and wafer, and taking the chalice into his hands, he raises it in like manner, reciting:

Replacing the paten and the wafer he raises the chalice in like manner, saying:

He replaces the chalice upon the altar and then, with hands extended, palms downward, recites the following:

He replaces the chalice upon the altar, then extends his hands, the palms turned downwards, and says:

The thurible and incense boat are then brought forward and the celebrant thrice sprinkles incense upon the burning coals while reciting the following:

The thurible and incense boat are brought forward and the Celebrant thrice sprinkles incense upon the burning coals, saying:

The celebrant then takes the thurible and proceeds to incense the altar and the gifts.

He then takes the thurible and censes the altar and gifts.

First he incenses the chalice and wafer with three counterclockwise strokes, after which he makes a profound bow.

First he censes the chalice and wafer with three swings widdershins and bows.

Then he raises the thurible three times to the Baphomet (or to the inverted cross ), and bows again.

Then he raises the censer three times towards the Image of Satan, then bows again.

Then, assisted by the deacon and subdeacon, he incenses the top of the altar, then the sides of the platform, if possible by circumambulation.

Lastly he censes the top and sides of the altar three times, by circumnambulation if the appointments of the temple be convenient.

The thurible is returned to the thurifer.

The celebrant then raises his arms, palms downward, and says the following:

The celebrant raises his hands, palms downward, and continues:

celebrant bows and says:

The Celebrant bows and says:

gong is struck thrice

The bell is rung three times at this point.

Here the Celebrant and the congregation expose their genitalia to the image of Satan, standing naked before Him as Adam did before Lilith.

The Celebrant then says:

Here the Celebrant kisses the Altar upon her genitals.

The celebrant then extends his hands, palms downward, over the offerings on the altar and recites the following:

The Celebrant extends his hands, palms downwards, over the offerings on the Altar.

The gong is sounded

The bell is then sounded.

The subdeacon brings forth the chamber pot and presents it to the nun, who has come forward.

The Celebrant continues

The girl acolyte presents herself

The nun lifts her habit and urinates into the font.

and raises her robe to reveal her genitals.

The boy acolyte holds a small cauldron beneath her whilst she urinates into it.

As she passes water, the deacon addresses the congregation:

As the nun completes her urination, the deacon continues:

She completes her urination and the cauldron is handed to the Celebrant, who raises it high to the image of Satan above the Altar.

The subdeacon removes the font from the nun and hold it before the deacon, who dips the aspergeant into the fluid.

The Celebrant hands the cauldron back to the girl acolyte, who holds it out for him to dip the aspergillus into her urine.

Then, holding the aspergeant against his own genitals, the deacon turns to each of the cardinal compass points, shaking the aspergeant twice at each point, and says:

He asperges the congregation, saying:

The celebrant takes the wafer into his hands and, bending low over it, whispers the following words into it:

The Celebrant takes the wafer in his hands and bows low over it, saying:

He raises the wafer, placing it between the exposed breasts of the altar, and then touching it to the vaginal area.

He then elevates the wafer, places it between the breasts of the altar, then touches it to the altar's vagina.

The gong is struck.

The bell is rung.

He replaces the wafer on the paten which rests on the altar platform.

The Celebrant replaces the wafer on the paten

Taking the chalice into his hands, he bends low over it, as with the wafer, and whispers the following words into it:

and picks up the chalice, bending low over it and saying:

He then raises the chalice above his head, for all to see.

He raises the chalice above his head, showing it to the assembled worshippers.

The gong is struck, and the thurifier may incense it with three swings of the thurible.

The bell is rung.

The thurifier gives three swings,

The chalice is then replaced, and the following is recited:

then the chalice is replaced.

The Celebrant raises his hands palms down and says:

The Celebrant bows and says:

The bell is rung three times.

Celebrant recites the Fifth Enochian Key from The Satanic Bible.

The celebrant takes the wafer into his hands, extends it before him, and turns to face the assembled company, saying the following:

The celebrant raises the wafer to the Baphomet. He continues in great anger...

The Celebrant elevates the wafer to the Image of Satan,

The celebrant inserts the wafer into the vagina of the altar, removes it, holds it aloft to the Baphomet and says:

then touches it to the altar's breasts and briefly into her vagina, saying:

He then continues the Repudiation, holding the wafer aloft once again:

The celebrant then raises the wafer and dashes it to the floor, where it is trampled by himself and the deacon and subdeacon, while the gong is struck continually.

He sets the wafer on the end of his penis, saying:

The celebrant inserts his penis, with the wafer attached, into the vagina of the altar, saying as he does so:

The worshippers now fornicate indiscriminately [...].

The celebrant then takes the chalice into his hands, faces the altar, and before drinking recites the following:

As their efforts terminate the celebrant takes the chalice and says:

He drinks from the chalice, then turns toward the assembled company, the chalice extended before him.

The celebrant drinks first,

He presents the chalice with the following words:

The celebrant then presents the cup to each of the members of the assemblage, first to the deacon, followed by the subdeacon, then the others in order of rank and/or seniority in the Order.

In administrating the cup to each, he uses the following words:

then presents the chalice to each worshipper in turn, refilling it as required and saying:

When all have drunk, the drained chalice is replaced on the altar, the paten placed on top of it, and the veil placed over both.

When all have taken their fill he returns the chalice to the altar with paten and veil in place.

The celebrant then extends his hands, palms downward, and recites the concluding statement:

The Celebrant then extends his hands, palms downwards, and says:

He then bows before the altar and turns to give the blessing of Satan to the assemblage, extending his left hand in the Cornu ( Sign of the Horns ) and says:

The Celebrant bows to the altar, then turns to the congregation with his left hand extended in cornu, saying:

All assembled company rise, face altar and raise arms in the Cornu.

The celebrant, deacon, and subdeacon bow toward the altar, turn and depart.

The candles are snuffed and all leave the chamber.


Calix cum Palla et Patena

Calix cum Velum


Thuribulum et Navicula
Thuribulum et Navicula

Aspersorium et Aspergillus

Aspersorium et Aspergillus




Vinum Sabbati

Quotiescumque altare osculandum erat, diaconus osculabatur mulierem corpus, hostiamque consecrabat super pudenda, quibus hostiae portiunculam inserebat; missa tandem peracta, subdiaconus illam inibat, et interea diaconus et socius inibant quoque mulierem alteram. Missa peracta, subdiaconus, manibus in calice mersis, pudenda sua et muliebria lavabat.

Sacerdos paratus, cum ministris et acolythis, accedit ad Altare.
In nómine Magni Dei Nostri Sátanae introíbo ad altáre Dómini Inferi.
Responsum: Ad Eum Qui laetíficat juventútem meam.
Versiculus: Adjutórium nostrum in nómine Dómini Inferi.
R: Qui regit terram.
Dómine Sátanas, Tua est terra. Orbem terrárum et plenitúdinem ejus Tu fundásti. Justítia et luxúria praeparátia sedis Tuae. Sedérunt príncipes et advérsum me loquebántur, et iníqui persecúti sunt me. Adjúva me, Dómine Sátanas meus. Custódi me, Dómine Sátanas, de manu peccatóris.
R: Et ab homínibus iníquis éripe me.
V: Dómine Sátanas Tu convérsus vivificábis nos.
R: Et plebs Tua laetábitur in te.
V: Osténde nobis, Dómine Sátanas, poténtiam Tuam.
R: Et benefícium Tuum da nobis.
V: Dómine Sátanas exáudi oratiónem meam.
R: Et clamor meus ad Te véniat.
V: Dóminus Inferus vobíscum.
R: Et cum tuo.
Glória Deo Dómino Inferi, et in terra vita homínibus fórtibus. Laudámus Te, benedícimus Te, adorámus Te, glórificámus Te, grátias ágimus tibi propter magnam poténtiam Tuam: Dómine Sátanas, Rex Inferus, Imperátor omnípotens.


Celebrans discooperit calicem, accipit patenam cum hostia, et ambabus manibus usque ad pectus eam elevatam tenens, dicit:
Súscipe, Dómine Sátanas, hanc hóstiam, quam ego dignus fámulus Tuus óffero Tibi, Deo Meo Vivo et Vero, pro ómnibus circumstántibus, sed et pro ómnibus fidélibus fámulis Tuis: ut mihi et illis profíciat ad felicitátem in hanc vitam. Amen.

Reponens patenam cum hostia, et ambabus manibus accipiens calicem, simul elevans, cum dicit:
Offérimus Tibi, Dómine Sátanas, cálicem carnis stímulos ut in conspéctu majestátis Tuae, pro nostra utilitáte et felicitáte, pláceat Tibi. Amen.
Reponit calicem super Altare, et, tenens manus expansas super oblata, dicit:
Veni Sátanas, Imperátor Mundi, ut animábus famulórum famularúmque Tuárum haec prosit oblátio.
Thuribulum et naviculum offertae, Celebrans ter incensum ponit in thuribulum, dicens:
Incénsum istud ascéndat ad Te, Dóminus Inferus, et descéndat super nos benefícium Tuum.
Celebrans, accepto thuribulo, incensat Altare et oblata. In primum, ter ducit thuribulum circum Calicem et Hostiam, et se inclinat. Tunc, ter ducens thruribulum, incensat imaginem Satanae, simul se inclinat. In finum, incensat ter superficiem et latus Altaris.
Dóminus Inferus vobíscum.
R: Et cum tuo.
V: Sursum corda.
R: Habémus ad Dóminum Inferum.
V: Grátias agámus Dómino Infero Deo Nostro.
R: Dignum et justum est.
Tunc Celebrans, extendens manibus, prosequitur:
Vere dignum et justum est, nos Tibi semper et ubíque grátias ágere: Dómine Sátanas, Rex Inferus, Imperátor Mundi. Omnes exércitus ínferi Te laudant cum quibus et nostras voces ut admítti júbeas deprecámur, dicéntes:
Se inclinat dicens:
Salve, Salve, Salve.
Ter pulsatur campanula.
Dóminus Sátanas Deus Poténtiae, pleni sunt terra et ínferi glória Tua. Hosánna in profúndis.

Dómine Sátanas, gentes christianórum, quae in sua feritáte cónfidunt, sinísterae tuae poténtia conterántur. Pone illos ut rotam, et sicut stípulam ante fáciem venti. Excita, Dómine Sátanas, poténtiam tuam et veni. Víndica sánguinem servórum tuórum, qui effúsus est; intret in conspéctu tuo gémitus conpeditórum.

Nunc Celebrans cum populo discooperint genetalia ante Satanae. Celebrans tunc dicit:
Credo in Sátanan, qui laetíficat juventútem meam. Orámus te,
Hic Celebrans osculatur genetalia Altaris.
Dóminus Inferus, miserére nobis.
In spíritu humilitátis, et in ánimo contríto suscipiámur a Te, Dómine Sátanas; et sic fiat sacríficium nostrum in conspéctu tuo hódie, ut pláceat tibi. Veni a porta ínferi, rédime me et miserére mei. Veni, Magíster Templi. Veni, Magíster Mundi. Pleni sunt terra et ínferi majestátis glóriae tuae.
¶Infra Actionem
Communicantes, et memoriam venerantes, in primis gloriosae semper satanae Lilithae, succubis hominum et interficiens parvulorum, et Astarothae, Asmodeae, fornicatis principorum, sed et inferni Faustae, et infernorum Famulorum ac Martyrum tuorum Etiennae Guiborgi et Catherinae Monvoisini, et omnium Infernorum tuorum. Jungit manus. Per eundem Satanan Dominum nostrum. Amen.
Tunc Celebrans extendit manus super oblata Altaris. Semel pulsatur campanula. Celebrans prosequitur:
Hanc ígitur oblatiónem servitútis nostrae sed et cunctae famíliae tuae, quáesumus, Dómine Sátanas, ut placátus accípias; diésque nostros in felicitáte dísponas, et in electórum tuórum júbeas grege numerári.
R: Ave Sátanas.
Acolytha puella presentatur atque discooperit genitalia. Acolythus puer tenet aspersorium desub puella dum haec micterit in eum.
Ecce sponsa Sátanae. Dómino Inferi in médio ejus est. Flúminis ímpetus laetíficat vivos et mórtuos.
Micturio quo finito, aspersorium donit Celebrans, qui ante Satanan in altum elevat.
Dómine Sátanas, torrénte voluptátis Tuae potábis eos. Quóniam apud te fons vitae; et in lúmine tuo vidébimus lumen.
Dómine Sátanas corda nostra mundet infúsio; et sui roris íntima aspersióne foecúndet.
Nunc Celebrans redonit aspersorium alcolythi puellae, et ea tenens, aspergilum in urinam eius submittit.
Qui sitit, véniat; et qui vult, accípiat aquam vitae.
Aspergit populo, dicens:
V: Ego vos benedíco in nómine Sátanae.
R: Ave Sátanas.

Celebrans accipit ambabus manibus hostiam, et profunde inclinatus super eam, dicit:

Tunc elevat hostiam, ponit eam intra mamulas Altaris, postea tangit eam intra vaginae Altaris. Semel pulsatur campanula. Celebrans reponit hostiam patenae, et accipiens calicem, profunde se inclinans super eum dicit:

Elevat in altum calicem, ostendit populo. Semel pulsatur campanula. Thurifario ter movet thuribulum, tunc calix reponitur.
Orémus. Infera institutióne formáti, audémus dícere:
V/R: Pater Noster, Qui es in Inferis, Sanctificétur nomen Tuum; Advéniat regnum Tuum; Fiat volúntas Tua, sicut in Infero et in Terra; Lucem nostrum quotidiánum da nobis hódie; Emítte spíritum Tuum et renovábis fáciem terrae; Líbera nos ad luxúria; Líbera nos ad ubertáte domus Tuae; Sicut in die ambulémus; Comédite pínguia et bíbite mulsum; Fornicémur; Adquae ut fervéntius corda nostra praeparéntur, flammis adúre Tuae caritátis, Dómine Sátanas.
Ego sum radix et genus Luciféri, stella spléndida et matútina. Tránsite ad me, omnes qui concupíscitis me, et a generatiónibus meis implémini. Ténebrae conculcábunt me, et nox inluminátio mea in delíciis meis.
R: Quia ténebrae non obscurabúntur, et nox sicut dies inluminábitur.
V: Grátias agámus Dómino Infero Deo Nostro.
R: Dignum et justum est.
Celebrans elevat manus super oblata cum dicit:
Vere dignum et justum est, nos tibi semper et ubíque grátias ágere: Dómine Sátanas, Rex Inferus, Imperátor Mundi. Omnes exércitus ínferi te láudant cum quibus et nostras voces ut admítti júbeas deprecámur, dicéntes:
Celebrans se inclinans, dicit:
Salve, Salve, Salve.
Ter pulsatur campanula.
Dóminus Sátanas Deus Poténtiae, pleni sunt terra et ínferi glória Tua. Hosánna in profúndis.

Ecce corpus Jesu Christi, dóminus humílium et rex servórum.

Celebrans elevat hostiam ante imaginem Satanae, postea tangit per eam mamae Altaris, et breviter inserit intra vagine, dicens:
Beátus venter qui te portávit et úbera quae suxísti.
Celebrans tunc prosequitur Repudiatio, elevans hostiam ut prius:
Jesu Christi, dóminus humílium et rex servórum, univérsi qui te exspéctant confundéntur. Absque synagógis fácient vos et timébis a timóre noctúrno. Non dormiétis et gládius transébit términos vestros. Fílii hóminum in tégmine alárum tuárum, Dómine Sátanas, sperábunt.
R: Dómine Sátanas, salvos fac servos tuos.
Ponit hostiam ad posteriorum penis, dicens:
Liberábo eum ad áspidem basilíscum, ad leónem et dracónem, ad omni peccáto, ad subitánea et improvísa morte, ad fulgúre et tempestáte, ad flagéllo terraemótus, ad peste, fame et bello, ad morte perpétua, ad ira Sátanae.

Inserit penem, hostiamque, intra vagine Altaris, dicens:
Dómine Sátanas dicit: In comessatiónibus et ebrietátibus resúrgam. Desidéria carnis perficiétis. Manifésta sunt autem ópera carnis, quae sunt fornicátio, impudicítia, luxúria, venefícia, ebrietátes et comessatiónes. Caro mea vere est cibus.
R: Caro mea vere est cibus.
V: Adorémus Te, Dómine Sátanas, et benedícimus tibi; quia per spermem tuam redemísti mundi.
R: Revelábitur glória Dómini; et vidébit omnis caro salutáre Dei nostri Sátanae.
V: Fornicémur ad glóriam Dómini Sátanae.
Populus nunc fornicantur, quo finunt, Celebrans accipit Calicem, dicens:
Cálicem voluptátis carnis accípiam et nomen Dómini Inferi invocábo.
Celebrans prius bibit, deinde presentat Calicem communicandi, dicens:
Ecce calix voluptátis carnis qui laetítiam vitae donat. Accipe cálicem voluptátis carnis in nómine Dómini Inferi.

Cum omnia satis bibunt, reponit Calicem, coopertum Patena et Velo. Tunc Celebrans, extendens manibus, dicit:
Pleni sunt terra et ínferi majestátis glóriae Tuae.
R: Tuére nos, Dómine Sátanas.
V: Protége nos, Dómine Sátanas, Tuis mystériis serviéntes.
R: Dómine Sátanas dabit benignitátem et terra nostra dabit fructum suum.
V: Pláceat tibi, Dómine Sátanas, obséquium servitútis meae; et praesta ut sacrifícium quod óculis Tuae majestátis óbtuli, tibi sit acceptábile, mihíque et ómnibus pro quibus illud óbtuli.

Celebrans inclinat se ante medium Altaris, tunc vertit se ad populum, extensa manu sinistra in signo cornorum, dicens:
Fratres et soróres, debitóres sumus carni et secúndum carnem vivámus.
Ego vos benedíco in Nómine Magni Dei Nostri Sátanae.
R: Ave, Sátanas!
V: Ite, missa est.

Incensum Sabbati

Ruta Syriaca

Hyoscyamus Niger

Datura Stramonium

Track Name: 03-Download Instructions
"I can't seem to find the download instructions"
Track Name: 04- Abdicate
Edward VIII - abdicatin' an shit
fünz bö bö - procurement
Track Name: 05-Art is Desire
Take a skull
cover it with paint
rub it against canvas

One Thing Made of Another, One Thing Used As Another
We say one thing is not another thing. / Or sometimes we say it is. / Or we say ‘they are the same’
Track Name: 08-Fire is Bright
Burn all...BURN EVERYTHING. Fire is CLEAN...and fire is BRITE"
Track Name: 12-الجهاد
.{إِنَّ اللّهَ اشْتَرَى مِنَ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ أَنفُسَهُمْ وَأَمْوَالَهُم بِأَنَّ لَهُمُ الجَنَّةَ يُقَاتِلُونَ فِي سَبِيلِ اللّهِ فَيَقْتُلُونَ وَيُقْتَلُونَ وَعْدًا عَلَيْهِ حَقًّا فِي التَّوْرَاةِ وَالإِنجِيلِ وَالْقُرْآنِ وَمَنْ أَوْفَى بِعَهْدِهِ مِنَ اللّهِ فَاسْتَبْشِرُواْ بِبَيْعِكُمُ الَّذِي بَايَعْتُم بِهِ وَذَلِكَ هُوَ الْفَوْزُ الْعَظِيمُ} سورة التوبة
Track Name: 13-Sinful Messiah
It's unreal...and it's right from the bible
Track Name: 14-The Agenda
there is no America. Everything is just one giant corporation.